Calls from the Primordial Creation 2013 - 2017


Notes on the writings published here


The writer received the sense of the communications through words that flowed to him. Therefore, we dispense with stating the author's name. We kindly request that you refrain from further enquiries pertaining to the emergence of these writings.


In this regard the author writes:


"From time to time, I experience a great surge of energy flowing through me, which brings me a deep sense of peace but also moves me to write all this down; then the words flow to me. These are fulfilling moments, and I sense that this was woven into my carpet of fate all along.


Who I am as a human on Earth is not important, and this name is not to enter the history books; it must be forgotten as soon as this body turns to dust one day."


The date at the end of the respective writings is the publication date of the communications which were received a long time beforehand.


Further texts will be published as soon as they have been translated from German.


For information directly related to the »Calls from the Primordial 2013-2017«, please email: simon-free@gmx.org


1. From Stagnation to Acceleration - and where are you?

From Stagnation to Acceleration.pdf
PDF-Dokument [28.2 KB]

2. And a Picture Unfolds ...! Luminous Mist, Rigidified to Ice

And a Picture Unfolds.pdf
PDF-Dokument [34.5 KB]

3. „If you fail, the world will fall!“

4. You have recognized the Word but you do not hear the Call.

5. The Word and the formed words

The Word and the formed words.pdf
PDF-Dokument [64.2 KB]

6. The failure and the Radiant Star

7. The last revelation

The last revelation.pdf
PDF-Dokument [67.2 KB]

8. It begins!

It begins!.pdf
PDF-Dokument [36.6 KB]

9. The Call

The Call.pdf
PDF-Dokument [21.2 KB]

10. Do Not Believe Your Thoughts

Do Not Believe Your Thoughts.pdf
PDF-Dokument [85.1 KB]
Let there be Light.doc.pdf
PDF-Dokument [144.3 KB]

11. The Son of Man and the Hour of Fulfillment

12. Proclamation 2015

PDF-Dokument [96.2 KB]

13. Unstoppable, the darkness creeps ever more deeply into human consciousness.

PDF-Dokument [48.5 KB]

14. Limitations of the intellect

15. The Grail Message and the Steps of Recognition

16. The Radiation of Transformation

The Radiation of Transformation.pdf
PDF-Dokument [151.8 KB]

17. Easter 2016 - The Mosaic of Truth

Supplement to Easter 2016.doc.pdf
PDF-Dokument [145.9 KB]

18. Supplement to >Easter 2016<

Easter 2016.pdf
PDF-Dokument [253.6 KB]

19. The Distortion of Concepts and Lucifer’s Minions

20. Truth without Spiritual Responsibility

20. Truth without.doc.pdf
PDF-Dokument [195.0 KB]